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VIP+ (30 days)
  • Non Permanent
This package is valid for all of our servers "Utopia/Bhop/Kitsune/1v1"

Ever wanted to use those cool trails, pets and more that other players are using in the servers? Or mute those annoying mic spammers? You have come to the right place.
With this VIP (30 days) (It will last 30 days before expiring)

You will get access to these commands:
(1v1 does not have access to "custom titles, joinmsg, !replay, !tp, !triggers, !ve)
The commands may not become available until after 1 map change.


!store (trails,pets,wings,etc) (Everything is unlocked by default)

!mute (for muteing other players in the server) (does not give you permission to moderate the servers, only use in extreme cases)

!tp (thirdperson to view what you have changed on your playermodel) (This command is not on the 1v1 servers)

!ve: Votes to extend the current map for 10 minutes

!triggers (allows you to see teletostart zones and other triggers, makes it easier to plan routes on hard maps)

!replays (allows you to view map record replays)

Custom Title Section:

customtitle: Allows you to set a custom title. The command is used through console to allow for custom colour variations.
Make sure you use this exact format or it will not work sm_customtitle "{color} [Title]"

Console command example: sm_customtitle "{darkred} [:D]"

joinmsg: Allows a vip to set their join message (also used in console)
sm_joinmsg "{darkred} [Hello]"

!colours: Lists available colours for your custom title and join message

!toggletitle: Toggles your custom title
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VIP+ Permanent (Forever)
30 USD
  • Permanent
This is the same as the VIP 30 days package except its permanent!
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