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Oxy Report
Admin's steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/aeuxy/

Your steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/downhillskating/

Why you are reporting them: Admin Abuse

Any proof? (We need proof we cant just go off your word! Get a recording, picture, Etc): Yeah I mean I have witnesses to it but like no proof. Im guessing this means no punishment either. 

What punishment do you suggest? (Demote, temp ban, Etc)   Demote

Any other info?: you guys told me to go do this so I am. Me and some guy were talking about Hydrocodone when Oxy put out a server message stating (not word for word) "if the 12 year olds don't stop talking about shit they don't know about they're getting gagged" then I said "shut the fuck up I can talk about it if I want" so he proceeded to mute and kick me and the person I was speaking with after doing a nice "!admin" and also talked a lot of shit to me. I still understand that he wont get punished cause you know no evidence and none of the admins on the only good kitsune server like me so. Hes still an absolute piece of shit and hopefully you at least speak to the guy about this. It isn't fun playing on servers where admins walk around and just punish if they don't like somebody.

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