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Cyber's Admins Application
Name: Stephen

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/E9-


Why do you want to be admin?: well im on every single day so i can be a help to the server and honestly i just want to get rid of all the negative and toxic bullshit on csgo and keep it a clean and free environment from any other servers. some time people come in and spam music and its annoying i will always be there if someone else isn't. 

Why do you play on Abyssnetwork over other servers?: because KFC you're server and the admins you chose and the platform you have is amazing and chill also toxic free , we can just join you're server to chill and talk to others and for over 2 years you have been building and stable platform for csgo players to come and chill and play and honestly is why i think AB is more of an amazing server from any other server 

How long have you been playing on Abyssnetwork?: 4 weeks i think. maybe more or less i don't know tbh.

What specific servers do you play on? (Rookie,Utopia,1v1, Etc):1v1 , Utopia , bhop 

Are you in the steam group? (If not join!)
http://steamcommunity.com/groups/AbyssServers [yes]

Are you in the discord? (If not join!)
https://discord.gg/sbYhk9e [yes] 

Any other info?:Fazey is mean 

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