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Banned from all servers on my main when i was using alt/:
(First off don't listen to ANYONE that responds to your post except me, even if they are an admin! They are trolls and don't have the authority to accept/decline! Smile (Make sure its actually my account, some might try to impersonate me :p)

Your steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198142588647/

Admin that banned you? (Its ok if you don't know): Idk

Why you were banned?: I was in third person

When were you banned (Date): 03-05-18 20:09

Why you should be unbanned?: I have alot of hours in your guys server and i was cheatin on my alt (Graphic but gayer) but i would never cheat on my main which is why i dont understand why i was banned on this account/: bc i literally only surf on this account and occasionally 1v1, anyways this is my first offense so yall should be chill and unban me thanks <3 love the server (ive been playing kitsune since like over a year ago, and im rank 114/11k in Kitsune which i also why i want unbanned thanks lol)

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